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    10 ROTATE
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/11029/slideshows/homeLarge/adoration.jpg WEEKLY ADORATION - EVERY WEDNESDAY 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM Extended Adoration will continue each 3rd Wednesday from 5:30 - 9 pm. Join us in praising our Lord in prayer and adoration.
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/11029/slideshows/homeLarge/VBS%202019%20Miraculous%20Mission%20FB%20cover.jpg We are full! Pray for us this upcoming week!
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/11029/slideshows/homeLarge/ResizedImage600222-FB-Cover-851x315.jpg See the Documents tab for instructions for Safe Env. cert. for the new fiscal year. We ask that all volunteers, VBS, PREP, Teen ACTS, Parish Staff, Youth Choir, etc... get their certification done by August 9th. Thank you. Any questions, call Tiffany at the parish office.
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/11029/slideshows/homeLarge/liturgical-2.png July/August Schedule is ready and can be found below in Documents Please note - September 1st is not on the schedule since it falls in the next 2 month period. We will be able to get it out in a more timely fashion next time. Thank you for your patience.
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/11029/slideshows/homeLarge/Restored.jpg See below in Documents for pictures of the newly restored Cathedral!